Green Waste Management


Green Waste Management Initiative

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Evergreen Community Garden; GreenThumb; Queens Botanical Garden
City Parks Foundation; NYC Parks

Green waste comprises almost one-third of the waste collected by the NYC Department of Sanitation. The green waste overflows have become an unmanageable problem for the 5-acre garden- but without a smarter ecological design, outsourcing the problem will continue to strain the environment.


Our goal is to create a composting initiative that redirects the garden’s waste stream for its own benefit, strengthening its long-term capacity to manage green waste sustainably. This initiative also strives to create a Train-the-Trainers program that will generate leaders who can educate other gardeners on building soil from the ground up.

Part of this plan is to extend the garden’s supportive network by partnering with GreenThumb, NYC Compost Project and the Queens Botanical Garden (QBG). It is through these collaborations that we can begin to tackle green waste and increase programming to foster a more communal learning environment.



Green Waste Pile Up

The vastness of the 5-acre garden coupled with a lack of knowledge in effectively tackling its fast-growing waste stream further compounds the problem, generating mounds that can reach up to five feet in height. The rate of accumulation is much faster than the Department of Sanitation can remove, increasing the garden’s susceptibility to vermin and pests.






The project’s design involves a diverse group of gardeners committed to participate in  the Master Composter Certification Program at QBG. This course will supply gardeners with enough knowledge and hands-on experience to be able to teach other gardeners about this practice. Certified gardeners will then host numerous composting workshops in several languages (i.e. Korean, English, Chinese) leading the garden in its green waste management efforts during the 2016 growing season and beyond.