Climate Change Pamphlet



Project date
Our Role
Editor and Designer
Mathias Pollock, Physicians For Social Responsibility

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) has long been asserting a strong medical voice to reverse our trajectory toward climate change. As human activity continues to increase global temperatures, burdens are placed on the environment, people and society - but much of the current literature on climate change is far too dense and complex to engage the public.


Climate change impacts all facets of life - threatening agriculture, food security and placing additional strains on health. We can all play a role in mitigating its far-reaching impact, but with the science being far too complicated for some to grasp, the public may be less invested in seeking cleaner alternatives.

Our team sought to develop a comprehensive communication tool that incites public interest and expands outreach. The climate change pamphlet simplifies dense concepts into an easy-to-follow narrative and outlines climate change: what it is, why it is happening and what we can do about it.

The pamphlet has been distributed at tabling events and to PSR student groups around the country.

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Information Overload

Tons of information exists on climate change, and while informative, sifting through dense prose and infographics may mean information overload for the reader.




Synthesizing the Message

To begin to streamline the message, our team considered basic branding principles to guide the reader through the content. We funneled the information into one simple concept - one degree - a conceptual hook that emphasizes the gravity of the global temperature increase.  

The pamphlet is designed as a narrative with each fold revealing a different part of the story, taking the reader on a journey from problem to solution.