Multilingual Newsletter

Our goal is to help create a peaceful, welcoming space that promotes the garden’s cultural potential while conserving biocultural knowledge. We believe that to effectively do this, intercultural communication is key and reducing linguistic barriers is a necessary first step in fostering cross-cultural dialogue. In Spring 2016, a newsletter will be launched in four languages - Chinese, English, Korean and Spanish - that aims to engage gardeners in their respective language to help bridge the widening cultural divide.

Green Waste Management Initiative

Our goal is to create a composting initiative that redirects the garden’s waste stream for its own benefit, strengthening its long-term capacity to manage green waste sustainably. This initiative also strives to create a Train-the-Trainers program that will generate leaders who can educate other gardeners on building soil from the ground up.

PSR Pamphlet

Our team sought to develop a comprehensive communication tool that incites public interest and expands outreach. The climate change pamphlet simplifies dense concepts into an easy-to-follow narrative and outlines climate change: what it is, why it is happening and what we can do about it.