To promote biocultural wisdom as an alternative to our current healthcare paradigm and a pathway back to health.

Far too many people in cities are living in food deserts and suffering from preventable chronic diseases. It is this urgency that has prompted us to address this pervasive health crisis - where so many are losing their lives prematurely - to begin to yield real and enduring change. Throughout successive generations, many have opted into a market-driven economy that has effectively created a state of dependency, and has thus resulted in a fractured connection to the natural world.

We believe in the basic indigenous wisdom that the health of people, their culture and the environment are interconnected. Recognizing the pressing need to rethink our current healthcare paradigm, Permanent Health seeks to integrate culture, health and ecology to conserve existing traditional knowledge and re-create a culture of self-reliance. Where natural spaces are a rarity, we believe community gardens offer our growing cities an opportunity to strengthen our connection to the natural world.

Permanent Health was founded by community gardeners, Brunilda Estrada and Daniel Pizarro, each unified in their belief that true health comes from ground up. Through integrating research with design, Permanent Health merges these disciplines to create more insightful and meaningful work, driving initiatives that have greater scope and bandwidth to impact local communities.  



Brunilda Estrada

Brunilda Estrada’s research interest centers on local food systems, environment and community health.  She has held research positions at The New York Botanical Garden and the Icahn School of Medicine which has helped her garner a greater understanding of the factors that influence health in New York City urban communities.


Daniel Pizarro

Daniel Pizarro’s focus is on utilizing design thinking to encourage participation in developing self-reliant communities. Daniel is currently a Design & Technology fellow at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He is a graduate of the Yale School of Art and the UCLA Design Media | Arts program.