The Tonic Maker




I was raised in the country in Korea and even during those days I had my garden because my father’s house was very big. In Korea, I grew up planting flowers, I had a natural love and appreciation for them. For me when I see my garden in full bloom, it’s like a work of art, I find them to be an amazing connection between beauty and nature. I would say God was perfectly successful with how he created the flower. I love sharing this gift with my friends and family. I sent my brother some lilies in Korea and when he received them he said they still smelled fresh, that is so beautiful.

Mu (Radish) is very good for the colon and digestive system. I planted this in the summer, I would say around June. When I harvest, I take them out cut and wash it, slice it, and I just dry out a little bit in the sun. This will be my tea for the whole winter. I sometimes add carrots, boil them both together and make that into a tea as well. This helps you go to the bathroom much easier, good for stomach issues, diarrhea, or maybe you ate something bad. This helps relieve that stomach pain, very good, so beautiful.

Doragi is the Korean name of this plant (Balloon flower). You dig out the roots and use them as a tea. This root is about 5 years old. It is very good for the lungs and breathing system. Somebody told me if you move them every year to a different part of the garden, it will grow bigger because of the different soil gives it more nutrients. It becomes stronger and bigger. I’ll take these roots home and wash them, slice them, and dry them outside in the sun. If you want I have a lot of them, I would like to share and give some to you.


"Mu (Radish) is very good for the colon and digestive system. This helps relieve stomach pains, very good, so beautiful."




You know sometimes when you’re thinking about not having enough time, it makes you stressed and depressed. There is so much more to human life like spiritual and emotional health, physical and mental health, yes yes these are great things. You know I went through a deep depression, it was terrible. Thankfully I survived. I had a friend who also went through a deep depression, she was suicidal and of course during that time I was so busy working to make a living. I couldn’t talk to her much because of my lifestyle. Now I have a lot of time at the moment to do things like gardening. I think of my friend sometimes when I’m working on my garden. She’s really a wonderful person and only if she gave herself more time do I think that she could beat her depression. It’s like I said, it’s directly related to this human way of life.

As a matter of fact I lost a lot of business, I lost many things and it made me depressed. My garden really helped me survive that rough period in my life. I sometimes think the garden survived me, haha! This community garden has really big potential to change the way people see our way of life. When you grow something it has a much more different meaning.



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