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I am currently conducting an experiment on my garden plot. I am a plant breeder. I am working on making a hybrid sweet potato that is perfect for losing weight, especially overweight American people. I want to help them and if I get a little money I can go to Florida to produce this to make a hybrid. In South Korea we cannot find this flower, only every hundred years does it flower. But if I go to Florida I can find several flowers like this, which means I can make a hybrid. Right now in market you will find only two kinds of sweet potatoes, but these are not sweet, so that is why I am making them sweet in taste. People love the sweet! Once I make a sweet one, everybody will love it, I am pretty sure.

Now if I am successful with the sweet potato, I want to give this information to the US government to help the US economy. The US spends lots of money on human health. If I make that sweet potato, it will help overweight people with their health and create jobs. It will also take away some jobs from the medical field. Medical doctors don’t like that kind of medicine, but I want to help people, I don’t care if they kill me. I am doing this as a free service. This is my my dream.


"I am working on making a hybrid sweet potato that is perfect for losing weight, especially overweight American people."




40 years ago I was a research worker in South Korea, and after my research work I went to England to learn about plant diseases. From there I realized that European culture was very different from oriental culture, so I said I have a better chance in North America, so I gave up my government job and went to Canada. I worked 40 years in the Canadian farming industry producing Korean radishes.

This Korean radish has lots of starch compared to the commercial kind. Korean radish is actually medicinal, I know this because I ate lots of it when I was growing up. When I was young, all the people survived with just this and Chinese cabbage, we ate a lot of this. There was no meat in those times, all we ate to survive was Korean radish and Chinese cabbage. This is actually kimchi material, kimchi is good for digestion health. If you eat the root, a burp come up. You know, in my culture, if you cook the Korean radish leaves and root, Japanese Gobo (Burdock root), carrot and chaga mushroom, they say it’s like a miracle soup that helps control cancer. That is what I call medicine.

Chinese people say Chi, Korean people say Gi, same thing…energy! You believe in Gi, nobody believe it. I found trees, they have energy. There was an American boy who was an athlete, anyways he hurt himself he couldn’t do anything. He went to that tree for thirty years, everyday he went there, and he got some energy from the tree, now he is a healthy man still he is there twice a day everyday getting some energy from the tree, but I call that an energy tree. This is a true story I met him under the trees.





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