Korean and American Flags

November 12, 2015

Prior to the Parks Department take-over, the city-owned plot had been widely referred to by people in the Flushing community as “The Korean Garden”. There were numerous complaints from non-Koreans, including other Asians, about the exclusivity at the garden...

garden art

August 24, 2015

Comprised of predominantly first-generation Korean and Chinese immigrants, the garden is a cultural hotspot—a living library of biocultural knowledge—reflective of a distant memory of the homelands left behind, and observed through patterns of plant knowledge and use. Crops represent a rich cultural identity, making community gardens an ideal space to unravel...

gardener with buildings in background

July 30, 2015

Nestled in downtown Flushing, Evergreen Community Garden is a hidden gem where tireless congestion, noise and tall buildings are muted upon entering. The impressive 5-acre allotment-style layout of 300 plots makes it the largest community garden in New York City. Housed in a city where open space is a rarity, the garden acts as an incubator, an unintended social experiment...

Permanent Health Initiatives were launched to proactively address the critical issues that impact community health. We are interested in the role of community gardens as places for healing and cultivation of knowledge for health resiliency.

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Our time in the Evergreen Community Garden has given us a personal view into the farming practices and cultural barriers of NYC's largest community garden. The wisdom of the elders and biocultural knowledge that been shared with us has inspired new ideas and, often times, solutions. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.


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